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superfood-toppings-bundleMichael Alexander

Superfood Toppings Bundle – Organic Yacon Syrup (212ml), Organic Dried Goldenberries (1lbs), Organic Cocoa Nibs (1lbs)

You are in for a real treat when purchasing the Andean Star’s Superfood Toppings Bundle. This bundle offers three delicious and healthy options for snacks and food toppings. Whether you would like to add flavor to your foods or simply increase their nutritional value, these toppings can be used for nearly any occasion.

The Andean Star Superfood Toppings Bundle includes:

  • Andean Star Organic Dried Goldenberries:
    • Try them as a snack, sprinkle on yogurt, or add to oatmeal.
    • Dried goldenberries’ health benefits: antioxidants and vitamin C.
  • Andean Star Organic Yacon Syrup:
    • Try it as a healthy sugar alternative on pancakes, pour on ice cream, or use it to replace sugar in any food or beverage.
    • Main nutritional contribution: the prebiotic properties gained from the high level of FOS, support healthy digestion and low glycemic index.
  • Andean Star Organic Cacao Nibs:
    • Try them on oatmeal, mixed it in yogurt, or add it to nutritional bars or baked goods.
    • Main cacao nibs’ health benefits: high in antioxidants and fiber.






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